Bachelor of Industrial Design by the Faculty of Fine Arts of São Paulo, Entrepreneur, Designer, advertising in the Brazilian market for more than 20 years.


He had his first contact with the Disney universe in 1974 at the age of 6 on a family visit to Walt Disney World. This has awakened a fascination for arts, animation, graphic design, technology, advertising, marketing, communication.


He began his 1988 career by making animated short films for Disney (Goofy, Duck Tales and Gummy Bears).


In the 90's, he coordinated the first game development team in Brazil, becoming the

first Game Designer of Brazil.


In 1996 he created Digital Design, an agency of technological solutions working in the pharmaceutical, agrochemical and also in the entertainment market.


Since we have been working in the Games market for more than 20 years, we have created our own methodology and Konwhow in the area of game development and elaboration as well as methodology and motivation of new collaborators.


He has worked in the area of games and communication since the beginning of his career teaching lectures on the subject to more than 30.


It is undeniable that more than 60% of our customers and employees are gamers. At different or even unconscious levels, the present and previous generations already have a learning and a level of attention retention much more sensitive than the previous generations.


There is a daily struggle to equalize the exchange of information or even the fixing of content that is necessary for the development of products, projects and services in your companies.


But unlike meetings, conventions, classrooms and training, social networks and games continue to hold onto any generation regardless of age or season.


This is due to the "flow" or way that people concentrate to perform a certain activity.

But how do you achieve the same retention rate, attention, and especially content absorption relevant to your products, projects, services or your needs?


In addition to being the first game designer in Brazil, Alexandre Pagano is dedicated to the study of the communication associated to the concepts and methodologies of the Games applied in the day to day making their students, collaborators and clients get a better interaction with their products, projects and services.


The idea of this lecture is to transform the concept of "enduteniment", ie Education + Entertainment into a more current concept called Gamification.


In this talk, your employees will understand how to use Octalysis in their projects, keeping the focus and retention of their employees and thus increasing the efficiency of learning and obtaining better results.


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